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The range of mobile phones today is larger than ever. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, fast processor, camera on the front and back of the device… have become items that all smartphones have and are not what you have to deal with when choosing a new device. In fact, the features you need to pay attention to are the functionality of the device and the impression it will leave you when using it.

Operating system

The first decision is Android or iOS. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and what is more to your taste is an individual matter. You can read about the difference between Android and iOS here. However, when we talk about Android, each brand usually adds some features and a specific look to this operating system.
However, in some cases, these add-ons can be so large that, after the user installs their applications, the device starts to run significantly slower. And this is something that can definitely spoil your mood. On the other hand, there are smartphones with stock Android that, again, you may like or not. All in all, if you like a certain model, be sure to try it first and see if the installed version of Android is close to you.

Fast charging

Yes, there is wireless charging, but it is definitely something you can do without. On the other hand, fast charging is an item that you need in countless situations.
It is simply quite convenient to recharge the phone in fifteen minutes and continue with work or obligations without interruption.
The problem at the moment is that fast and wireless charging do not go "hand in hand", but you have to choose what is more important to you - the absence of a cable or a lightning charge of the phone battery.


USB C is a new connector that is quickly conquering the entire mobile phone and computer industry. In fact, it is a new standard which, unfortunately, not everyone has adopted and implemented yet. For example, Apple phones do not have a USB C, nor do many Android phones that still use Micro-USB. Of course, this item does not have to be crucial, but it is something you should pay attention to when choosing a new device.

NFC chip

This chip allows you to make contactless payments in stores. This means that, after making the settings, you no longer have to take out your wallet, look for change and count the money in the store. All you have to do is bring the phone with the NFC chip to the reader and, yes, the payment is made. Of course, your preferences will decide which smartphone will be your next choice. However, it is important to pay attention to all the factors in order to really have a mobile phone that is just right for you.



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